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BlackBuyBlack.com is based out of Minneapolis, MN. During the riots and looting of 2020, many black-owned businesses were destroyed across the country. Although we understand the premise that fueled the anger, we also understand that many jobs were lost and our communities were economically impacted. These riots were post the temporary closings from COVID-19, which was already a damper to small businesses. BlackBuyBlack.com is a way to assist in refueling the black economy!

Buying black has been at the center of the fight for civil rights since Reconstruction. In the days after emancipation, black businesses flourished. Black Americans were able to build thriving general stores, beauty/barbershops, and funeral homes.Black culture has been setting trends for decades, but in many cases, it doesn’t reap the rewards. African American consumers are enjoying a remarkable period of influence, cultural expression, and entrepreneurship that is manifesting digitally and trending mainstream, according to global researcher Nielsen. The world is changing! Black Americans have always been innovators. Let’s recycle the black dollar within our community, block by block and Black-Buy-Black.

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